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e learning at IHSU

Welcome to IHSU eLearning Department

eLearning at IHSU gives you a chance to study and learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a computer and Internet connection. eLearning department is under the Institute of Health Policy and Management.We currently offer two online courses; Master of Science in Public Health and Master of Science in Health Services Management. Both courses are for two years and we have two intakes in a year; January and July.

eLearning at IHSU follows a modular system. Public health students are required to take and pass 13 modules plus a research dissertation to complete the course. Health Services Management students are required to take and pass 17 modules plus a research dissertation to complete the course. (Note that the value of the course is the same for both courses: (12 X 613.522) + 6% increment on the module charges each year.)

Before beginning a module, students are given an Overview lecture introducing them to the module content. Each module takes a minimum of 6 – 7 weeks, and it is wrapped up by what we call a wrap up lecture. These lectures normally take place on a Saturday for the student's convenience. Examinations are done at the University Campus two times in a year. Students need two compulsory weeks in May and two compulsory weeks in December. The first week is for on-campus face to face lectures and personal reading, and the second week is for the final examinations.

Registration and Payment

Upon admission, you are invited to pay the acceptance fee of 200.000 Uganda Shilling together with the fee for the first module (613.000 USH for module 1 + Bank fees). You will be asked to provide proof of payment prior to registration, receiving the module materials, and signing up on the learning platform. For each subsequent module, you will be invited to pay the fee and provide proof of payment before being allowed to enroll for the module on the learning platform.

Working with Moodle learning platform

On the launching day of the programme, you will get familiarized with Moodle learning platform. You will get an own email and learn how to log on the IHSU Webmail and on the Moodle learning platform. You will be explained how to read the resources, and how to make and submit the assignments. Don't feel intimidated. The programme is made for students like you and your computer knowledge will grow with each click of your mouse and keyboard. Moreover our ICT and eLearning team will assist you in every way possible and offer alternative solutions when something is not going as expected.

Library and online materials

As IHSU, we encourage a holistic approach to learning and discourage verbatim repetition of notes in assignments and assessments. To be able to do this, you are advised to read widely. In addition to the reading materials provided on the learning platform and the CDroms, you should source other relevant materials. As registered students of IHSU, you are entitled to use our library facilities when in Kampala. We also strongly recommend on-line searches as a lot of books and journals in the health sector are made available on the Internet. We will gladly assist you in this search and share our findings with you. We also invite you to share your findings with the other students.